Having a collection of fine jewelry can make you feel a strong sense of pride. Your jewelry might have sentimental value to you, and each piece's exquisite beauty is a wonderful bonus. Your diamond engagement ring, your mother's pearl earrings, the heart-shaped pendant your spouse gave you for Valentine's Day, and the gold charm bracelet you bought yourself after getting a job promotion; they all have a personal significance.

This comprehensive article outlines the information you need to know about how to store your jewelry, which is essential to keeping them safe, secure, and in pristine condition.

How to Store Jewelry

It's important to keep your jewelry somewhere clean and dry, such as a jewelry case lined with fabric. If you don't own one, it is also possible to store your precious collection in an ordinary box, as long as you wrap each individual piece in soft tissue paper.

In most cases, when you purchase fine jewelry, the sales associate will give you a pouch or case designed with a special finish. Some of these pouches or cases will have ultra-soft, while others can even have anti-tarnish properties to keep the piece of jewelry looking new for longer. Store your jewelry in these containers, as artisans designed them with that particular piece in mind.

How to Organize Jewelry

Knowing where to keep your jewelry is only the first step. Next, always tidy and organize your jewelry box, as this will provide you with many benefits. If your collection is cluttered or jumbled together, then you will risk scratching or tangling your delicate pieces. Moreover, an unorganized collection will prevent you from finding the piece of jewelry you want right away.

Invest in a jewelry box that has many different compartments to separate your pieces. Doing so will keep your jewelry collection all in one place, yet the pieces will be distant enough from each other to prevent any scratches and tangles.

How to Store Gold Jewelry

Gold is the most malleable element, and rubbing against hard gemstones and other jewels can damage it. To maintain the quality of your gold accessories, you should store each piece by themselves in either a soft cloth bag, or in the original box you bought them in.

How to Store Silver Jewelry

It's crucial to keep all silver jewelry absolutely dry, stored in a tarnish-proof cloth, and away from exposure to the air. You have the option to buy special silver storage boxes as well, which are lined with a tarnish-proof fabric to prevent silver jewelry from discoloring and darkening. Also, you should never allow your silver jewelry to touch rubber, since the sulphur within rubber will cause your silver pieces to tarnish.

How to Store Diamond Jewelry and Loose Diamonds

Diamonds are some of the strongest materials on earth. If you store your diamonds improperly, they can scratch your rubies, sapphires, jades, and other precious stones. Diamonds can also scratch gold, silver, and platinum. To protect the quality of your pieces, isolate each diamond jewelry in a soft pouch before storing them with the rest of your collection.

How to Store Your Everyday Jewelry

Separate the jewelry you wear on a daily basis and place them in a tray next to your bedside, or in a smaller jewelry box. Doing so will help you find exactly what you need and remind you of your jewelry choices. Using a hanging organizer with a number of clear pockets is another excellent way to store your most used jewelry. These convenient organizers will help keep your pieces separate and visible.

How to Keep Your Jewelry Safe and Secured

If you have rare and valuable pieces—including vintage, antique, and estate jewelry—you have every right to be concerned with their security. Not only would that heirloom engagement ring or prized diamond-encrusted necklace signify a sentimental loss, but it could also be a painful financial blow. Anyone, perhaps even the Queen of England and Princess of Monaco, would be devastated if someone were to steal their expensive jewels. But for commoners like ourselves who may not have 24/7 security like the royals, how can we keep our jewelry safe at home?

Insurers revealed that jewelry is more commonly stolen from the home, which is evident in the crimes committed by The Bling Ring. On a more positive note, there are many clever ways to secure jewelry from home theft.

  • Keep the jewelry in your home locked up in a safe, especially during celebrations or the holidays when many different guests are visiting your home. Leaving your jewelry lying around on dressers and tables is something to avoid.
  • Install high-quality security systems in your home, especially if you have other valuables. Make sure to test your security cameras and alarms frequently, and form a strict habit of setting them before you leave the house.
  • Enlist the help of trusted members of your community. Your neighbors, for example, can help surveil your property and spot suspicious behavior during times when you're on a business trip, or when your entire family is away on vacation. Don't let the events in Home Alone happen to you.
  • Last but not least, the most recommended way to store your high-end pieces of jewelry is in a safety deposit box at your local bank.

How to Keep Track of Your Jewelry

Get in the habit of taking a physical inventory count of your jewelry each month. After checking your collection, creating a detailed list of every piece of jewelry in your collection can be useful if you need to file a police report or make an insurance claim.

Here's a step-by-step guide to how you can monitor your jewelry collection:

  • Take a photograph of each piece of jewelry in your possession.
  • At the back of each photo, create a written description and note the cost of the piece. You can also keep this information in electronic form.
  • Remember to store this crucial information in a separate location from your jewelry.

These are the important facts you should know about organizing, protecting, and storing your jewelry. If, however, you are struggling to keep track of your growing collection, then Goldstein Diamonds is at your service. We buy diamonds, antique jewelry, and modern pieces, too. Call us now at 800-237-0364 to request a market appraisal from leading jewelry experts in Phoenix, AZ.