Should you buy Jewelry in a store or should you buy it online?

The first known online purchase was made in 1994. Now over 25 years later eCommerce has gone from a new concept to a multi-trillion-dollar industry. Despite the ubiquitous prevalence of online shopping, some people are not open to purchasing products like jewelry online.

Many will prefer a traditional jewelry store where they can be sure who they are talking to. Especially when it comes to high-value jewelry. Ordering online can create some apprehension due to some of the preconceived notions and myths surrounding the ecommerce industry.

Anyone with some skill on a computer can create a website and post diamonds, rings, earrings, watches, and other jewelry items. However, you have no way of really knowing who they are and where they are. You also don’t know if the jewelry listed on the site and shown even really exist at all!

But here us what needs to be considered. It costs a bit of money to create a website that can handle ecommerce transactions, and sites that have a bad reputation are going to lose their investment. So overall, most online shopping experiences are good.

There are online jewelry stores out there designed to bait and switch and you don't want to deal with them. You just need to know who you're dealing with. There are many with good reputations, some you have likely heard of and others not. Just do your research and you will find that online jewelry shopping is a great way to add to your collection or find that perfect gift.

There are advantages to shopping for jewelry at a physical location. You can talk to the jeweler directly, get advice, compare many items, and return an item without the fear of it being lost in the mail.

But with online jewelry shopping, you can shop right from your home at any time of the day or night. You can also compare prices with countless other online stores for a particular item. You may be far from a big store with a huge selection in another city, but you have access to it right there online. No wonder so many people love online shopping!

Here are 7 misconceptions some people have about online jewelry shopping.

1. Lack of options: This is one of the biggest myths about shopping online. For an online store, the available space and display space is not an issue. In this way, the collection can be quite varied. Many online retailers have warehouses or access to a common warehouse so shoppers have access to numerous designs right from the comfort of the home.

2. No new designs: Don’t think that you will get out of fashion jewelry designs. Gone are the days when online stores were not updated for months. In fact, online stores are updated with new designs almost on a daily basis. This means you get access to the latest designs even before they hit the market. You will also find online jewelry stores that offer custom made jewelry and antique and vintage jewelry.

3. Lack of accountability: Some people believe that online jewelry stores will not address their concerns while the truth is that most online jewelry stores have a well-defined procedure for complaints to ensure regular business, which is dependent on positive reviews.

4. Lack of expert advice: Most shoppers, if they are not jewelry experts themselves, want some advice concerning their jewelry selection. A brick and mortar jewelry store will usually have experts there in the store who can assist you in the selection and buying process. Similarly, online jewelry websites such as Goldstein’s Diamonds have experts you can communicate via chat or email and will assist you to enhance your shopping experience.

5. Delay in shipping: Nowadays, most online jewelry stores guarantee to ship your purchases within several days depending on your location. You may be anxious to get your hands on your new treasures, but if you look at all the other benefits offered by online shopping, it is worth the wait.

6. Jewelry cheaper online: It’s a common misconception that jewelry can be bought for a lower price online. You can certainly find sales and special deals amongst the many online dealers. The reality is though, the cost of operating online is not much lower than the cost of operating in a brick and mortar store.

That ecommerce jeweler can be lost with no face to the world as there are thousands if not millions of others competing for your business. The only way they can become known is by spending a good bit of money on Google Ads and other online advertising venues.

7. You Can’t Trust Online Retailers: The online jewelry business is so competitive that sellers cannot afford to sell inferior or damaged products. If they do, their reputation will be ruined and they will quickly go out of business.

If you have never heard of or dealt with a particular seller, do these things first to ensure they are a credible and trusted jeweler:

First, when visiting an online jewelry store check if their website is encrypted with SSL certification. This is indicated when you see https:// as the first part of the website’s address. SSL certification ensures your online payment transactions and the information you provide are secure and protected.

See if there are different payment gateways available that match your payment method.

Look around online and see if there are other mentions of them in review sites or if they have links to social media platforms. You can learn a lot from what others are saying about them in review sites and social media.

An online Jeweler you can trust!

It is understandable that those new to online jewelry buying may have some hesitation. There is no need to worry if you are purchasing from an authorized, reputable and experienced dealer like Goldstein’s Diamonds. You can buy your favorite jewelry online from us with confidence. Or come on in and visit our store personally – we offer the best of both worlds, online and in person!